William SSS

•• 'Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself' 

(George Bernard Shaw)

•• Wellcome in our website ••

William SSS’s aim is to create the unique accessory you have always dreamt.
YOU will have the possibility to choose what represents yourself, 
your look and your personality.
Choose one of our unique collections,
let us do it as you have imagined.

•• About us ••

We felt the need to find the right pochette for each occasion and character.
This project has been ideated by an 'experimenter', Simone,
a 25 years old student of Business and Management in Turin.
Thereafter, he has always tried to invest to create the first prototypes
which gained a huge success among his acquaintances.
Therefore, he started to believe in this project with the aim to satisfy any request and style.
'Be who you are' is the main core of this business,
so show who you are to the world and scream out loud your soul.
What are you waiting for?
Go to the shop and create the pochette which represents you the most.

Still here? Let's go!